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Manufacturers on this page: NEC part numbers 136-77000 to 999-99999.

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Inventory as of 3/4/2015        
Manufacturer Part Number Description Qty Price
NEC 136-772965-501-A NEC 136-772965-501-A PAPER-OUT SENSOR ASSY P7 5 Call/Email
NEC 136-774442-501-A NEC 136-774442-501-A P5/P5XL/P9XL ACCESS COVER Call Call/Email
NEC 136-782041-501-A NEC 136-782041-501-A FAN ASSEMBLY P7 Call Call/Email
NEC 136-824519-101C NEC 136-824519-101C PLATEN P5300 4 Call/Email
NEC 136-824522-101D NEC 136-824522-101D BAIL ASSEMBLEY P5300 2 Call/Email
NEC 136-824914-101A NEC 136-824914-101A P5200 TOP COVER ASSEMBLY 1 Call/Email
NEC 136-846278-001B NEC 136-846278-001B CARRIAGE ASM 6200 1 Call/Email
NEC 136-850328-501A NEC 136-850328-501A MIDDLE COVER P3300 Call Call/Email
NEC 136-850330-501A NEC 136-850330-501A TOP COVER P3300 1 Call/Email
NEC 136-850332-501A NEC 136-850332-501A ACOUSTIC CANOPY P3300 1 Call/Email
NEC 136-850742-001A NEC 136-850742-001A RIBBON BASE ASM P3200/P3300 1 Call/Email
NEC 136-850752-501A NEC 136-850752-501A PLATEN ASM P3300 Call Call/Email
NEC 136-850775-001A NEC 136-850775-001A SPACING MOTOR P3200/P3300 Call Call/Email
NEC 136-850776-001A NEC 136-850776-001A LINE FEED MOTOR P3200/P3300 1 Call/Email
NEC 136-851396-501A NEC 136-851396-501A P3300 SHEET GUIDE 1 Call/Email
NEC 158-026108-001 NEC 158-026108-001 KEYBD/MOUSE/SPEAKER ASSY G8KDT Call Call/Email
NEC 158-026115-002A NEC 158-026115-002A 386/33I LOGIC G8KGC Call Call/Email
NEC 158-026123-000A NEC 158-026123-000A RISER BOARD G8KGK 1 Call/Email
NEC 158-026127-200A NEC 158-026127-200A POWERMATE SYSTEM BOARD G8KHJ 2 Call/Email
NEC 158-026128-100A NEC POWERMATE SYSTEM BD 158-026128-100A G8KHE Call Call/Email
NEC 158-026128-101A NEC POWERMATE SYSTEM BOARD 158-026128-101A 2 Call/Email
NEC 158-026128-101B NEC POWERMATE SYSTEM BOARD 158-026128-101B 5 Call/Email
NEC 158-026134-000A NEC 158-026134-000A RISER CARD G8KGX 1 Call/Email
NEC 158-026135-000A NEC 158-026135-000A RISER BOARD G8KGY 10 Call/Email
NEC 158-026146-100B NEC SYSTEM BOARD 158-026146-100B Call Call/Email
NEC 158-026153-100A NEC 158-026153-100A SYSTEM BOARD G8MZH Call Call/Email
NEC 158-026153-201A NEC POWERMATE SYSTEM BOARD 158-026153-201A 3 Call/Email
NEC 158-026153-301A NEC SYSTEM BOARD 158-026153-301A 1 Call/Email
NEC 158-026153-501A NEC 158-026153-501A SX/DX LOGIC BOARD G8MZH Call Call/Email
NEC 158-026153-501A NEC 158-026153-501A POWERMATE SYSTEM BOARD G8MZV 5 Call/Email
NEC 158-026154-210A NEC POWERMATE IMAGE 466ES SYS BD 158-026154-210A Call Call/Email
NEC 158-026155-000A NEC 158-026155-000A RISER BOARD G8MZM 3 Call/Email
NEC 158-026166-000C NEC 158-026166-000C VERSA LOGIC 10 Call/Email
NEC 158-026166-001A NEC 158-026166-001A LOGIC BOARD 2 Call/Email
NEC 158-026166-001C NEC 158-026166-001C LOGIC BOARD 1 Call/Email
NEC 158-026167-000B NEC 158-026167-000B DX2/50 PROCESSOR BOARD VERSA Call Call/Email
NEC 158-026167-100B NEC 158-026167-100B DX4/75 PROCESSOR BOARD VERSA Call Call/Email
NEC 158-026239-001C NEC 158-026239-001C CPU BOARD Call Call/Email
NEC 158-026240-000C NEC 158-026240-000C GRAPH BOARD Call Call/Email
NEC 158-026241-000C NEC 158-026241-000C I/O BOARD G8YAP Call Call/Email
NEC 158-050227-000 NEC 158-050227-000 PROCESSOR BOARD 386SX/16 G8EJV Call Call/Email
NEC 158-050395-305 NEC 158-050395-305 240MB IDE HARD DRIVE Call Call/Email
NEC 158-050395-501 NEC 158-050395-501 1.3GB SCSI HARD DRIVE Call Call/Email
NEC 158-050405 NEC 158-050405 170MB HARD DRIVE 4 Call/Email
NEC 158-050490-000 NEC 158-050490-000 POWER SUPPLY 158-050620-000 14 Call/Email
NEC 158-050550-000 NEC 158-050550-000 KEYBOARD 2 Call/Email
NEC 158-050614-003 NEC 158-050614-003 IMAGE 466ES POWER SUPPLY Call Call/Email
NEC 158-050684-002 NEC 158-050684-002 POWER SUPPLY HP-200PPGT 2 Call/Email
NEC 158-050686-000 NEC 158-050686-000 POWER SUPPLY SA145-3435 22 Call/Email
NEC 158-050687-000A NEC POWERMATE SYSTEM BOARD 158-050687-00A 5337115 8 Call/Email
NEC 158-050707-000 NEC 158-050707-000 KEYBOARD 10 Call/Email
NEC 158-050730-000 NEC 158-050730-000 466D POWER SUPPLY 22 Call/Email
NEC 158-050966-000 NEC 158-050966-000 1.44MB FLOPPY DRIVE Call Call/Email
NEC 182413 NEC 182413 PB-SMT NEC READY SYSTEM BOARD 1 Call/Email
NEC 2000 NEC SPINWRITER 2000 PRINTER Call Call/Email
NEC 201-00024 NEC 201-00024 P2200 SYSTEM BOARD 1 Call/Email
NEC 3410 NEC 3410 EDS-2-500 8 WATT POWER SUPPLY 1 Call/Email
NEC 3510 NEC 3510 PRINTER-PARTS Call Call/Email
NEC 3550 NEC 3550 SPINWRITER PRINTER Call Call/Email
NEC 4502 NEC 4502 TRACTOR FEEDER P9XL Call Call/Email
NEC 5337125-001 NEC 5337125-001 POWERMATE 466D RISER CARD 5 Call/Email
NEC 5337155-001 NEC 5337155-001 POWERMATE 466M RISER CARD 5 Call/Email
NEC 6307 NEC 6307 RS232C SERIAL ADAPTER Call Call/Email
NEC 808-805168-001-A NEC 808-805168-001-A PRINT HEAD CABLE P6/P7 6 Call/Email
NEC 808-805168-002-A NEC 808-805168-002-A PRINT HEAD CABLE P6/P7 6 Call/Email
NEC 808-805290-501A NEC 808-805290-501A SPACING BELT P3300 1 Call/Email
NEC 808-812323-601 NEC 808-812323-601 OPERATOR PANEL P5300 7 Call/Email
NEC 808-812472-001A NEC 808-812472-001A SILENTWRITER 95/97 CONTROL PANEL 4 Call/Email
NEC 808-818170-301A NEC 808-818170-301A CONTROL PANEL ASM 6200/6300 2 Call/Email
NEC 808-821160-008A NEC 808-821160-008A SILENTWRITER TOP COVER 3 Call/Email
NEC 808-821160-011A NEC 808-821160-011A SILENTWRITER 95 CONTROL PANEL COVER 3 Call/Email
NEC 808-821161-030A NEC 808-821161-030A SILENTWRITER FAN MOTOR 2 Call/Email
NEC 808-821163-300A NEC 808-821163-300A SILENTWRITER 95 LASER UNIT 2 Call/Email
NEC 808-821165-010A NEC 808-821165-010A SILENTWRITER 95 LEFTSIDE GUIDE 3 Call/Email
NEC 808-821165-013A NEC 808-821165-013A SILENTWRITER 95 LEFTSIDE FRAME 3 Call/Email
NEC 808-821165-015A NEC 808-821165-015A SILENTWRITER PICKUP ROLLER Call Call/Email
NEC 808-821165-026A NEC 808-821165-026A SILENTWRITER FOAM ROLLERS 3 Call/Email
NEC 808-821165-061A NEC 808-821165-061A SILENTWRITER TAKEUP ROLLER AS Call Call/Email
NEC 808-821165-500A NEC 808-821165-500A SILENTWRITER TRANSFER CORONA ASM Call Call/Email
NEC 808-821166-115A NEC 808-821166-115A SILENTWRITER 95 FUSER UNIT ASM Call Call/Email
NEC 808-821167-115A NEC 808-821167-115A SILENTWRITER 95 POWER SUPPLY ASM Call Call/Email
NEC 808-821168-900A NEC 808-821168-900A SILENTWRITER 95 MANUAL FEED UNIT 1 Call/Email
NEC 808-821172-119A NEC 808-821172-119A SILENTWRITER 95 MECHANICAL CONTROL PCB Call Call/Email
NEC 808-821376-013A NEC 808-821376-013A SW97 FAN 1 Call/Email
NEC 808-821377-013A NEC 808-821377-013A MECHANICAL CONTROL PCB SW 97 1 Call/Email
NEC 808-821377-200A NEC 808-821377-200A SYNCHRONIZING ROLLER ASSY 1 Call/Email
NEC 808-821378-025A NEC 808-821378-025A SW97 PICK-UP ROLLER 1 Call/Email
NEC 808-821379-500A NEC 808-821379-500A SW 97 DRIVE UNIT WITH MOTOR 1 Call/Email
NEC 808-821380-115A NEC 808-821380-115A SW97 FUSER UNIT ASSY Call Call/Email
NEC 808-821381-115A NEC 808-821381-115A SW 97 POWER SUPPLY ASSY 1 Call/Email
NEC 808-821382-900A NEC 808-821382-900A MULTI-PURPOSE TRAY GUIDE ASSY 1 Call/Email
NEC 808-821386-350A NEC 808-821386-350A SW97 LASER UNIT PRINT HEAD ASSY 1 Call/Email
NEC 808-82177-100A NEC 808-82177-100A SW 97 TRANSFER CORONA ASSY 1 Call/Email
NEC 808-840467-002-A NEC 808-840467-002-A CONTROL PANEL CABLE P7 6 Call/Email
NEC 808-846759-002-A NEC 808-846759-002-A OPERATOR PANEL CABLE P3 Call Call/Email
NEC 808-847277-501A NEC 808-847277-501A PRINT HEAD CABLE P3300 1 Call/Email
NEC 808-857197-101A NEC 808-857197-101A OPERATOR PANEL CABLE 5 Call/Email
NEC 808-861505-500A NEC 808-861505-500A FUSER UNIT SW2 260/290/990 LC-2800 1 Call/Email
NEC 808-862404-102 NEC 808-862404-102 POWER SUPPLY 1 Call/Email
NEC 808-868141-001A NEC 808-868141-001A P5200/P5300 CARRIAGE MOTOR 4 Call/Email
NEC 808-869545-001A NEC 808-869545-001A CARRIAGE DRIVE MOTOR 6200/6300 1 Call/Email
NEC 808-869546-001A NEC 808-869546-001A P6200/6300 PAPER FEED MOTOR Call Call/Email
NEC 808-869974-301A NEC 808-869974-301A CONTROL PANEL P3200/P3300 1 Call/Email
NEC 808-871307-020A NEC 808-871307-020A SW 97 PAPER CASSETTES Call Call/Email
NEC 808-872191-005A NEC 808-872191-005A LCD INDICATOR Call Call/Email
NEC 808-872314-036 NEC 808-872314-036 LED BOARD/PANEL 1 Call/Email
NEC 808-873119-001-A NEC 808-873119-001-A VERSA TRACKBALL ASM Call Call/Email
NEC 808-873119-003A NEC 808-873119-003A TRACKBALL/MOUSE Call Call/Email
NEC 808-873717-A NEC 808-873717-A WINCONTROLLER/600 SUPERSCRIPT LOGIC 1 Call/Email
NEC 808-874011-601A NEC 808-874011-601A 2.1GB HARD DRIVE Call Call/Email
NEC 808-876534-001A NEC 808-876534-001A 13.3 LCD SCREEN Call Call/Email
NEC 808-891039-001 NEC 808-891039-001 105 WATT POWER SUPPLY AA16690 PU607 5 Call/Email
NEC 808-891067-002A NEC 808-891067-002A P5300 POWER SUPPLY 5 Call/Email
NEC 808-891104-002A NEC 808-891104-002A POWER SUPPLY BD 6200/6300 Call Call/Email
NEC 808-891154-002B NEC 808-891154-002B POWER SUPPLY P3200/P3300 1 Call/Email
NEC 808-891445-001 NEC 808-891445-001 POWER SUPPLY PU619 5 Call/Email
NEC 808-891573-001A NEC 808-891573-001A CHG BOARD Call Call/Email
NEC 808-891660-001A NEC 808-891660-001A BATTERY CHARGER BOARD Call Call/Email
NEC 808-891674-018 NEC 808-891674-018 HIGH VOLTAGE BD 808-891674-008 1 Call/Email
NEC 808-891691-001A NEC 808-891691-001A VDOCK II POWER SUPPLY 2 Call/Email
NEC 808-891766-022 NEC 808-891766-022 POWER SUPPLY BD PSA10531AM 808-891766-002 1 Call/Email
NEC 808-897160-012-A NEC 808-897160-012-A VERSA KEYBOARD Call Call/Email
NEC 808-897225-001A NEC 808-897225-001A VERSA KEYBOARD Call Call/Email
NEC 808-897300-001A NEC 808-897300-001A KEYBOARD Call Call/Email
NEC 8800 NEC 8800 SPINWRITER 8800 PRINTER Call Call/Email

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