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Inventory as of 3/4/2015        
Manufacturer Part Number Description Qty Price
NEC 01957716 NEC 01957716 MT600 LAMP UNIT AIR FILTER 1 Call/Email
NEC 134-500555 NEC 134-500555 1.44MB FLOPPY DRIVE Call Call/Email
NEC 134-500558 NEC 134-500558 42MB MFM HARD DRIVE Call Call/Email
NEC 134-505196-701 NEC 134-505196-701 34 PIN 1.44MB FLOPPY Call Call/Email
NEC 134-505442-006 NEC 134-505442-006 1.2MB FLOPPY DRIVE Call Call/Email
NEC 134-505641-066-0 NEC 134-505641-066-0 LAPTOP FLOPPY Call Call/Email
NEC 135-037725-001A NEC 135-037725-001A CONTROLLER WITH 1MB 2 Call/Email
NEC 135-432878-A NEC 135-432878-A SILENTWRITER 95 RELAY PCB 3 Call/Email
NEC 135-432881-001A NEC 135-432881-001A FIRMWARE PCB BD 3 Call/Email
NEC 135-432882-001B NEC 135-432882-001B SW 97 FAX BOARD G8HMFA Call Call/Email
NEC 136-01352-001A NEC 136-001352-001A 6303 INTERFACE MODULE P2/P3 Call Call/Email
NEC 136-020414-801-A NEC 136-020414-801-A P5/P5XL FAN AND SWITCH ASSY Call Call/Email
NEC 136-020414-802A NEC 136-020414-802A P9XL FAN AND SWITCH ASSY 3 Call/Email
NEC 1360308202950 NEC 1360308202950 BIDIRECTIONAL SHEETFEED Call Call/Email
NEC 136-034856-A NEC 136-034856-A CARRIAGE UNIT 3500 1 Call/Email
NEC 136-034861-A NEC 136-034861-A TRACTOR Call Call/Email
NEC 136-035198-001A NEC 136-035198-001A OPERATOR PANEL 3510/3515 2 Call/Email
NEC 136-035199-101A NEC 136-035199-101A SERIAL INTERFACE ACC. 3510/3515 2 Call/Email
NEC 136-036658-015A NEC 136-036658-015A P2/P3 PRINT HEAD Call Call/Email
NEC 136-036727-500-A NEC 136-036727-500-A 6050 INTERFACE MODULE 2050 2 Call/Email
NEC 136-036782-001A NEC 136-036782-001A OPERATOR PANEL 3550 3 Call/Email
NEC 136-037733-A NEC 136-037733-A POWER SWITCH/NOSIE FILTER/FAN Call Call/Email
NEC 136-037935-301-A NEC 136-037935-301-A CARRIAGE ASSY P3 Call Call/Email
NEC 136-037938-002-A NEC 136-037938-002-A SPACING MOTOR ASSY P3 Call Call/Email
NEC 136-037945-A NEC 136-037945-A LINE FEED MOTOR ASSY P2/P3 Call Call/Email
NEC 136-037964-B NEC 136-037964-B RIBBON FEED ASSY P6/P7 2 Call/Email
NEC 136-037973-801B NEC 136-037973-801B TRACTOR MODE 4309 Call Call/Email
NEC 136-038418-A NEC 136-038418-A CARRIAGE ASM Call Call/Email
NEC 136-038420-101-A NEC 136-038420-101-A PANEL ASM OPERATOR CONTROL Call Call/Email
NEC 136-039963-B NEC 136-039963-B P5/P9XL CUT SHEET GUIDE 6 Call/Email
NEC 136-200181-501-A NEC 136-200181-501-A P5 CARRIAGE ASSY Call Call/Email
NEC 136-200185-001-A NEC 136-200185-001-A P5/P5XL LINE FEED MOTOR Call Call/Email
NEC 136-200186-001-A NEC 136-200186-001-A P5 SPACING MOTOR Call Call/Email
NEC 136-200396-001A NEC 136-200396-001A P5 P5XL PRINTHEAD Call Call/Email
NEC 136-200545-101-A NEC 136-200545-101-A 6110 SPIN-MATE RS232C INTERFACE MODULE 3 Call/Email
NEC 136-200810-801-A NEC 136-200810-801-A P5/P5XL/P9XL OPERATOR PANEL ASSY Call Call/Email
NEC 136-201156-B NEC 136-201156-B LINE FEED MOTOR P6/P7 6 Call/Email
NEC 136-201610-001-A NEC 136-201610-001-A CARRIAGE ASSY P6/P7 3 Call/Email
NEC 136-201618-001-A NEC 136-201618-001-A PRINTHEAD P6/P7 Call Call/Email
NEC 136-201620-501-A NEC 136-201620-501-A SWITCH AND FILTER ASSY P7 6 Call/Email
NEC 136-202114-501-B NEC 136-202114-501-B SPACING MOTOR P7 5 Call/Email
NEC 136-204149-510A NEC 136-204149-510A P9XL CARRIAGE ASSY 2 Call/Email
NEC 136-204152-001A NEC 136-204152-001A P9XL PAPER FEED MOTOR ASSY 3 Call/Email
NEC 136-204153-001A NEC 136-204153-001A P9XL CARRIAGE MOTOR 3 Call/Email
NEC 136-204154-001A NEC 136-204154-001A P9XL PRINTHEAD 1 Call/Email
NEC 136-206622-001A NEC 136-206622-001A P9XL POWER SUPPPLY BD 2 Call/Email
NEC 136-209718-101B NEC 136-209718-101B P5200 TRACTOR UNIT 1 Call/Email
NEC 136-209718-201B NEC 136-209718-201B TRACTOR UNIT P5300 INTERNAL 5 Call/Email
NEC 136-209719-001C NEC 136-209719-001C P5200/P5300 LINE FEED MOTOR 6 Call/Email
NEC 136-209742-002A NEC 136-209742-002A P5200/P5300 PRINTHEAD Call Call/Email
NEC 136-209749-101A NEC 136-209749-101A P5200 ACRYLIC CANOPY 1 Call/Email
NEC 136-209749-201A NEC 136-209749-201A P5300 ACRYLIC COVER 2 Call/Email
NEC 136-212389-101A NEC 136-212389-101A P5200 SHEET GUIDE SUBASSEMBLY 1 Call/Email
NEC 136-215359-401A NEC 136-215359-401A MIDDLE COVER ASM P6200 Call Call/Email
NEC 136-217747-401A NEC 136-217747-401A TOP COVER 6200 Call Call/Email
NEC 136-218461-001A NEC 136-218461-001A PLATEN ASM 6200 Call Call/Email
NEC 136-218461-501A NEC 136-218461-501A P6300 PLATEN Call Call/Email
NEC 136-218463-001A NEC 136-218463-001A TRACTOR UNIT 6200 1 Call/Email
NEC 136-218463-501A NEC 136-218463-501A TRACTOR UNIT P6300 2 Call/Email
NEC 136-218465-001A NEC 136-218465-001A BLACK RIBBON BASE ASM 6200/6300 Call Call/Email
NEC 136-218474-001A NEC 136-218474-001A P6200/6300 PRINTHEAD Call Call/Email
NEC 136-220400-501A NEC 136-220400-501A FEED ROLLER UNIT P3300 1 Call/Email
NEC 136-220401-501A NEC 136-220401-501A P3300 TRACTOR UNIT 1 Call/Email
NEC 136-233005-001 NEC 136-233005-001 VERSA/E MAIN BD Call Call/Email
NEC 136-233006-001A NEC 136-233006-001A VERSA/E 1.44MB FLOPPY DRIVE Call Call/Email
NEC 136-235161-A NEC 136-235161-A VDOCK II LED PANEL G8REQ 9 Call/Email
NEC 136-266356-001A NEC 136-266356-001A 1.44MB FLOPPY DRIVE VERSA Call Call/Email
NEC 136-266359-001A NEC 136-266359-001A LCD SCREEN Call Call/Email
NEC 136-431353-B NEC 136-431353-B PCB ASM G9JHM 1 Call/Email
NEC 136-431618-A NEC 136-431618-A POWER SUPPLY 3500 SERIES G9NAB Call Call/Email
NEC 136-432189-003-E NEC 136-432189-003-E P2/P3 LOGIC Call Call/Email
NEC 136-432285-E NEC 136-432285-E PCB ASM G9TEZ Call Call/Email
NEC 136-432343-001-B NEC 136-432343-001-B P2/P2 CONTROL PANEL BD Call Call/Email
NEC 136-432907-001-H NEC 136-432907-001-H P5/P5XL LOGIC Call Call/Email
NEC 136-432908-001-C NEC 136-432908-001-C P5 POWER SUPPLY Call Call/Email
NEC 136-432909-002-A NEC 136-432909-002-A PCB ASSY FOR LOGIC Call Call/Email
NEC 136-432910-001-D NEC 136-432910-001-D P5/P5XL/P9XL PCB ASSY Call Call/Email
NEC 136-432913-001-D NEC 136-432913-001-D P5 SERIAL I/F BOARD Call Call/Email
NEC 136-433270-002-C NEC 136-433270-002-C LOGIC BOARD P6/P7 6 Call/Email
NEC 136-433271-001-B NEC 136-433271-001-B CONTROL PANEL BD P6/P7 1 Call/Email
NEC 136-433272-B NEC 136-433272-B POWER SUPPLY P6/P7 G9WZS 6 Call/Email
NEC 136-433297-001-A NEC 136-433297-001-A PARALLEL CONNECTOR P6/P7 6 Call/Email
NEC 136-433299-001 NEC 136-433299-001 P6/P7 SERIAL ADAPTER G9XBDA Call Call/Email
NEC 136-433684-002A NEC 136-433684-002A P9XL DAUGHTER BOARD G9YAX 3 Call/Email
NEC 136-433787-002A NEC 136-433787-002A P9XL LOGIC G9YMMB 3 Call/Email
NEC 136-434739-001 NEC 136-434739-001 P5200/P5300 LOGIC G8ATTA 7 Call/Email
NEC 136-436268-001 NEC 136-436268-001 P6200/6300 LOGIC BOARD G8ESPA 2 Call/Email
NEC 136-4362689-001A NEC 136-4362689-001A SYSTEM BOARD 6200 G8ESPA 2 Call/Email
NEC 136-436272-001A NEC 136-436272-001A PAR INTERFACE BOARD 6200/6300 2 Call/Email
NEC 136-436693-001C NEC 136-436693-001C SYSTEM BOARD P3200/P3300 Call Call/Email
NEC 136-439833-A NEC 136-439833-A VERSA/E 486/50MHZ CPU BOARD G8PRZA Call Call/Email
NEC 136-439868-003 NEC 136-439868-003 G8QAX PCD BOARD 1 Call/Email
NEC 136-456096-A01 NEC 136-456096-A01 KEYBD/MOUSE PANEL G8EHA 10 Call/Email
NEC 136-456126 NEC 136-456126 PROCESSOR BOARD 386SX/16 G8EJV Call Call/Email
NEC 136-456127 NEC 136-456127 G8EJW SYSTEM BOARD 2 Call/Email
NEC 136-456410 NEC 136-456410 RISER/FLOPPY CONTROLLER G8FAE 2 Call/Email
NEC 136-550125 NEC VDOCK II MAIN BOARD G8QYG 8 Call/Email
NEC 136-550126 NEC VDOCK II RISER BD G8QYH 8 Call/Email
NEC 136-732280-A NEC 136-732280-A PCB ASM G9TEU Call Call/Email
NEC 136-741368-A NEC 136-741368-A FAN 3500 1 Call/Email
NEC 136-741391-A NEC 136-741391-A PRESSURE ROLLER ASSY 3500 1 Call/Email
NEC 136-741419-001-A NEC 136-741419-001-A PLATEN 3500 2 Call/Email
NEC 136-741425-A NEC 136-741425-A PLATEN KNOB 3500 5 Call/Email
NEC 136-741426-A NEC 136-741426-A LINE FEED MOTOR 3500 5 Call/Email
NEC 136-745993-A NEC 2000 3500 SERIES HOPPER 3 Call/Email
NEC 136-750222-A NEC 136-750222-A RIBBON DRIVE BELT P6/P7 Call Call/Email
NEC 136-756772-001-A NEC 136-756772-001-A MIDDLE COVER SPINWRITER 8800 Call Call/Email
NEC 136-756888-A NEC 136-756888-A STEPPING MOTOR ASM Call Call/Email
NEC 136-756917-A NEC 136-756917-A PLATEN ASM Call Call/Email
NEC 136-756-935-A NEC 136-756935-A LINE FEED MOTOR ASM Call Call/Email
NEC 136-757460-B NEC 136-757460-B PLATEN P3/P7 6 Call/Email
NEC 136-757474-A NEC 136-757474-A PLATEN HOLDER LEFT SIDE P6/P7 6 Call/Email
NEC 136-757479-A NEC 136-757479-A PLATEN HOLDER RIGHT SIDE P6/P7 5 Call/Email
NEC 136-757482-A NEC 136-757482-A PLATEN GEAR Call Call/Email
NEC 136-757516-001-A NEC 136-757516-001-A SENSOR ASSEMBLY P2/P3 Call Call/Email
NEC 136-757517-001-A NEC 136-757517-001-A P2/P3 FAN ASSEMBLY Call Call/Email
NEC 136-757529-A NEC 136-757529-A PAPER RELEASE LEVER KNOB P6/P7 6 Call/Email
NEC 136-757530-A NEC 136-757530-A PLATEN KNOB Call Call/Email
NEC 136-757607-A NEC 136-757607-A PRESSURE ROLLER FRONT P7 1 Call/Email
NEC 136-757608-A NEC 136-757608-A PRESSURE ROLLER REAR P7 1 Call/Email
NEC 136-762225-001A NEC 136-762225-001A 14 WIRE PRINT HEAD CABLE P2/P3 Call Call/Email
NEC 136-762225-002A NEC 136-762225-002A 12 WIRE PRINT HEAD CABLE P2/P3 Call Call/Email
NEC 136-763399-501-A NEC 136-763399-501-A PRESSURE ROLLER ASSY P7 5 Call/Email
NEC 136-768306-001A NEC 136-768306-001A P5XL/P9XL RIGHT PICKUP ROLLER Call Call/Email
NEC 136-768425-0 NEC 136-768425-0 PAPER RELEASE LEVER Call Call/Email
NEC 136-768434-501-0 NEC 136-768434-501-0 P5/P5XL BAIL SHAFT Call Call/Email
NEC 136-768438-0 NEC 136-768438-0 P5 SENSOR ASSY HOME POSITION Call Call/Email
NEC 136-768486-001-0 NEC 136-768486-001-0 P5/P5XL/P9XL REAR PRESSURE ROLLER Call Call/Email
NEC 136-768486-002-0 NEC 136-768486-002-0 P5/P5XL/P9XL FRONT PRESSURE ROLLER Call Call/Email
NEC 136-768491-501-0 NEC 136-768491-501-0 P5/P5XL/P9XL PLATEN Call Call/Email
NEC 136-768492-0 NEC 136-768492-0 P5/P5XL/P9XL RIGHT PLATEN BUSHING Call Call/Email
NEC 136-768493-0 NEC 136-768493-0 P5/P5XL/P9XL LEFT PLATEN BUSHING Call Call/Email
NEC 136-768518-001-0 NEC 136-768518-001-0 P5/P5XL/P9XL IDLE GEAR ASSY Call Call/Email

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